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A Digital Data Catalog

Catalogg is built on the idea of using a single hub to manage the rights and transfer of digital data at any time.

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Redefining Data Exchanges

Besides being business owners, we are also consumers. We enjoy engaging positively with the brands we care about, putting our values at the heart of everything we do, and acting upon the most pressing needs we see in the world. This is what gave Catalogg its unique purpose and drive for change. We aim to build a brand based on empowering consumers with every product and every business decision, striving for equality, and creating opportunities for a fair, transparent, and reliable market in which we may all operate. Honesty, collaboration, and excellence are principles you will find at the core of our brand.


Catalogg is designed around secure data exchanges.

Buyers and sellers are clearly identified.

Independent individuals and companies legally exchange data they own.

Licenses, data origin, data fields and copyright terms are public.

Empowering Consumers

Being in the industry for more than 8 years, we thought the best way to retrieve data was to simply ask. We believed that owners of the data should have control over when and with whom their will data is shared. We aim to empower both users and businesses to engage in a more transparent and trustworthy environment in which they can simply reach out to their target audience and ask for the information they require.

Catalogg is a brand by GBSN Research. Find more about us here.


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