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Help us donate to school research programs, nonprofits, or institutions with social impact.

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Business as a force for good

At Catalogg, our main goal is empowering others to derive insights from data and turn them into actions. As a result, we want our platform to raise awareness for causes that are in line with our core values. Our mission is to inspire social engagement by leveraging our products and the community to help institutions, educators, researchers, and nonprofits.


Our goal is to support, recognize and celebrate these causes through free data access to the datasets available in our community. We are committed to leveraging our expertise to do business at a global scale to help local communities build healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.


There are several opportunities to make a positive impact around the world, we would like to begin by supporting organizations with the following missions:

  • Public and private institutions developing free or open-source solutions;
  • Researchers working in non-comercial projects;
  • Students and schools that use data to tackle local or global problems;
  • Activists and youth groups working in opportunities to build resilience and empower underserved communities.

How it works

Non-comercial institutions can create a research, educational or non-profit project with a full description of the project scope, data use and outcomes and request data from our sellers to fulfill their goals.

Sellers can flag datasets that they are willing to donate to the community and earn points every time they succesfully complete a donation as a signal of their contributions to the data community.


Frequently asked questions

Catalogg allows you to earn points and be rewarded for every transaction you complete. You will earn 10 points each time you use your data to assist others in a non-comercial project.

You earn points every time you complete a donation. You can also send invites to your friends and earn points every time they complete a new donation on the platform.

You will start earning points as soon as you complete the first donation. Simply, flag the datasets you are willing to donate, search for a project that matches your data description and donate the dataset. You can also accept invites from project owners who are requesting contributions in the platform.

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