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A Global Community Willing to Share Data

Catalogg simplifies the buying and selling of data. Our seller community shares information with businesses seeking to make better informed decisions.

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How Does Catalogg Work?

Catalogg is a marketplace for individuals and businesses to sell or buy data. Data owners can register, list their items, fill in individual details, specify the copyright policy and licensing terms, and offer a sample for potential buyers to analyze.

Buyers may browse listed items, view data details, and communicate with data owners before making a purchase. They can also create custom projects with inquiries, data requests, or a diverse collection of requests that combine data from several sellers.


People Empowered

Our community uploads single documents, multiple document collections, and carefully curated datasets in several categories.

Intellectual Production

Artistic, academic, and business assets. Find texts, articles, designs, code, sounds, pictures, and videos.

Consumer Transactions

Documents and information related to sales, leases, assignments, awards by chance, or other transfer of an item of goods or services.

Psychographics & Personal Information

Identifiable information or documents shared by individuals about their own demographic indicators and digital activities, interests, and opinions.

Geographical Information

Information about points of interest, routes, frequent traveling paths inside and outside commercial locations.

Country and Government Data

Organized information on multiple countries, areas of society and local government entities across the globe.

Political Information

Data on election results, voting behavior, and electoral politics views across several countries.

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Buyers or sellers must be individuals aged 18 years or more. For minors, a parent or guardian (adult) must register and supervise the use of the services.

We seek to ensure Catalogg creates a friendly and safe place for its users. When they upload their items, users must comply with all applicable laws, regulations and policies including the Catalogue rules. The sellers must be the owners of the content they list and have the right to sell, exchange or donate it.

In an effort to prevent and avoid real-world harm, we do not allow any organizations or individuals to publish content that depicts: Violence and Criminal Behavior, Crime, Dangerous Individuals and Organizations, Regulated Goods, Suicide Nudity and Sexual Exploitation, Graphic Violence, Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity or that is in violation of Intellectual Property, Privacy Image Privacy Rights.

You can use several payment methods on Catalogg: valid credit cards, PayPal or your Catalogg Balance. We facilitate the payment and secure management of all transactions. The amount paid by the buyer is retained by a financial service provider selected by Catalogg in an e-wallet operating as an escrow account until the transaction is completed. Once the transaction is completed, the funds are immediately transferred to the seller’s e-wallet which at any time can be transferred to his / her personal bank account, without any transfer fee or such funds on the e-wallet may be used to purchase items on Catalogg from other users.

Within the Dataset page, you will see a “Contact Me” button. We recommend contacting your seller before placing your order, especially if you have specific requirements.

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