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Our Partner Program

Help us uncover, process, and care for our data

Our community has a wealth of unique and fascinating data needs. Our goal is to help cater to their needs through a network of experts and leading providers.

We are always looking for new data

Our Buyer pool is always looking to enrich their Catalogg with new sources and data points. Become a Partner and use our API to connect to our Marketplace, update your data listings and find new business opportunities.

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Massive data processing and enrichment

Our clients are constantly looking for faster, more interesting, reliable, and secure data integration methods. Reach out if you can process data manually or automatically and produce high-quality results.

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Safe storage to match our requirements

We are constantly searching for secure and effective solutions to store our data, making it more accessible, portable, and open while retaining strong access and privacy controls. Reach out if you have a solution that can help.

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