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Reporting Users, Listings and Scams

If you feel that a profile or listing may be fake or that it is inappropriate, you can report it. A profile may be fake if it appears empty or if it contains profanity, fake names, or impersonates public figures. A listing may be fake if it appears empty, contains fake information, or impersonates other listings.

Scams are a form of fraud, typically committed through email. Scammers create fake identities or impersonate legitimate real individuals or businesses. Their goal is to steal your money or, in certain circumstances, your identity.

Please only report items that are inappropriate as defined in our Community Guidelines and User Agreement. A difference of opinion isn’t an appropriate reason to flag something.

After reviewing reported items, we’ll take them down if necessary. It’s against our Privacy Policy to share the identity of someone who flags an item. Unless there is a blatant infringement of our brand, we have limited ability to act on content appearing outside our site.

Your information will be forwarded to a specialist, who will investigate this matter.