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Your Data, Your Say

Take ownership, manage, and monetize your data.

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Sell the data you choose to the buyers you choose.

Define when and where your data can be used.

Monetize your daily actions by sharing data with whom you trust.

You Are In Control

Brands and academics are on the lookout for data that can help shape the world, transform businesses, and improve the customer experience.

Organize Your Information

Any personal and professional content you would like to monetize; Audio, videos, and images files; receipts for purchases or monthly bills are all valuable.

Showcase Your Data

Create new listings with single files, curated collections, or organized datasets.

License On Your Terms

Define who may use your data, when it can be used, and where it can be used. Instruct buyers how they can analyze, process, or recreate your data

Find New Opportunities

Participate in data projects to collect information, take quizzes, or share lifestyle and digital usage statistics with data buyers.

Highest Grossing Categories

Meet large enterprises, local businesses, startups, schools, or colleges from across the world. Your data will be powering the development of innovative technologies, campaigns, and health research globally.

Personal Data

Health and Medical Information

Consumer Preferences and Lifestyle

Political Preferences

Expenses and Transaction Records

Re-usable Software Components

Name Your Price

License your data for free, for a fixed cost, or through exclusive deals.

Sellers can list their items for immediate purchase, join a project with a set price, or make a customized offer depending on the requirements.

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Earning Potential

Maximize your earning potential by selling your personal data on your own terms. Only information that falls under Personal Data must be identifiable; all other data can be completely anonymized.

Personal Data

Share data that is identifiable about your lifestyle, education, living situation, mobility, or marital status.

Avg. Selling Price €50-250

Health and Medical

Share information about medical conditions, treatments, exams, prescriptions, and adverse effects.

Avg. Selling Price €10-150


Share grocery receipts, utility bills, digital or physical purchases, gas, or household expenses.

Avg. Selling Price €1-50

Re-usable Code

Share code, scripts, modules, and ready-made components with all necessary instructions and guidelines.

Avg. Selling Price €75-450

Political Preferences

Share information about your political preferences, opinion about candidates, policies, and political parties.

Avg. Selling Price €5-25

Consumer and Lifestyle

Share information about your purchase and consumption behaviors, lifestyle, interests, daily routines, or current needs.

Avg. Selling Price €15-85

Reclaim control of your data

Getting started is easy. Set up a profile, list your information, and start looking for relevant opportunities in a flash.

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Create your own Catalogg by listing offerings with single or multiple files, adding a description, and setting a price.

Join Projects

Review project requirements and get matched with relevant buyers to help in creating custom datasets.

Join Research Initiatives

Interact with various data buyers and earn money for answering their questions or sharing relevant information.

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